Santa Clarita Grocery

Santa Clarita Grocery Recognized By Senator Scott Wilk As Senate District 21 Nonprofit Of The Year!

Santa Clarita Grocery is located in the central Santa Clarita Valley, providing a wide selection of fresh foods, produce, dairy, breads, bakery items, and canned goods.

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The Santa Clarita Grocery is a non-profit organization that prides itself as the valley’s most effective non-profit, where 99% of every dollar donated or received goes straight back to the community.

This volunteer run organization is located in central Santa Clarita and provides a wide variety of fresh groceries including fresh foods, produce, bread, canned goods, and other items. With help from volunteers, groceries are bought, organized and distributed, all within a week and every week. The dedication and consistency of this organization is a testament to their incredible hard work and determination to end food insecurity in the community.

The organization accepts monetary and food donations year-round. Many other similar organizations have taken up this method as well, accepting donations all year, or encouraging volunteers to set up food drives, no matter what time of the year it is.

The organization is not only committed to making a difference in food insecurity, but directly in the lives of those that benefit from their program. Volunteers know that the people needing assistance are just that, people. Many volunteers report people coming in looking upset but leave with a smile.

Santa Clarita Grocery is committed to fighting hunger in the community while making a difference to the lives of several members of this community.

Santa Clarita Grocery is a non-profit focused on providing food to Santa Clarita families in need. 99 cents per dollar donated goes directly to providing groceries to families across the Santa Clarita Valley, making SCV Grocery one of the most efficient charities in the area. If you would like to help Santa Clarita Grocery in its effort to reduce hunger, please consider donating to them on Paypal.