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For over a decade, Santa Clarita Coalition (SCC) has been the long standing and immediate support charity for the community of Santa Clarita.  SCC a 501c3, was established as a Disaster Preparations, Disaster Relief and Humanitarian Relief resource for all Santa Clarita residents.

The Santa Clarita Coalition has local radio/media KHTS FM/AM as a partner along with a multi-decade partnership with the Santa Clarita Sheriff Department, the City of Santa Clarita and the Los Angeles County Fire Department. This positions our coalition for immediate emergency response and city-wide communication through AM / FM radio, digital and social media. 

The Santa Clarita Coalition was inspired by Jeri Seratti-Goldman and Diane Green. It was later founded by Carl Goldman and Jeri Seratti-Goldman. 

The Coalition is set up to function as an immediate “2nd responder” service with nimble mobilization of resources within the SCV community to embrace people & families experiencing natural disasters, floods, fires, unexpected death, and life-threatening situations.

All contributions are tax deductible, where 100% of the contributions go directly to any specific crisis support needed, not to a charity headcount or inflated overhead costs. The best option for humanitarian crises support, in the SCV is the Santa Clarita Coalition, vs Go-Fund-Me that collects a percentage of all donations.

Santa Clarita Grocery is the SCC’s Humanitarian Relief Division which addresses food insecurity, providing weekly groceries to over 800+ families currently suffering with food insecurity, including making special grocery provisions for Veterans, Seniors, Homeless COC Students and Afghan Refugees relocated to the Santa Clarita Valley. 

Santa Clarita Grocery and the SCC Code-3-Care Program, is in partnership with LA County Fire HQ, providing immediate pre-FEMA provisions to firefighters within the first 48-hour window. This access enables providing fire teams immediate resources including water, trail mix, gum, and anything that can be tucked away and carried with the Fire Teams.

The Santa Clarita Coalition believes that there is strength in numbers and that through teaming with other organizations, companies, faith-based groups and local non-profits, we become a force multiplier to collectively meet the immediate needs of our community not an entity unto ourselves.

The Santa Clarita Coalition is funded by both corporate and personal contributions and set up and positioned to produce fundraisers within hours of personal and/or city-wide disasters, accidents, and situations needing immediate support.

Fundraise and Assist Over Past 20 Years Raised over $1.5M and Includes:

2003 Santa Clarita Valley Floods

2007 The Santa Clarita Valley Buckweed Fire

2007 Deadly Newhall Pass Tunnel Explosion

2011 4th of July Fireworks Death

2016 The Santa Clarita Valley Sand Fire

2017 Las Vegas Harvest Music Festival Shooting

2017 37-Year-Old Katie Evans Mother of Six Killed by Drunk Driver

2019 The Saugus High School Shooting

2019 The Santa Clarita Valley Tick Fire

2021 The Stabbing Death of Michelle Dorsey Mother of 3 Children

2022 134 Afghan Refugee Families

Through our work establishing SCV Habitat for Heroes we uncovered a need to assist our local Santa Clarita Veterans with a local one-stop information/assistance organization. Its purpose will be to navigate through all the local services available to our veterans and to connect all our local stakeholders and relevant non-profits.

If you’d like to learn more about the Santa Clarita Coalition, contact us at scvcoalition@hometownstation.com or you may call us at (661) 298-1220.

Santa Clarita Coalition
24320 Main Street,
Santa Clarita, CA 91387

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Kristen Phillips February 10, 2022 - 9:35 pm

Please let me know how I can volunteer to teach the Afghanistani refugees English.

Thanks in advance!


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