Santa Clarita Coalition Directly Supports Local Charitable Efforts

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Santa Clarita Coalition

The Santa Clarita Coalition works directly with non-profit and charitable efforts across the Santa Clarita Valley, bringing organizers together and helping the community prosper.

The Santa Clarita Coalition has teamed up with local non-profit organizations, such as Santa Clarita Grocery and Smile, SCV! to aid residents of the Santa Clarita Valley.

Santa Clarita Grocery is a year-round Santa Clarita food pantry. Through monetary support and direct donations of fresh groceries, Santa Clarita Grocery serves over 750 local families facing food insecurity.

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Smile, SCV! is a charitable effort started by Saugus High School student Regina Lee to support local businesses during the coronavirus pandemic.

Lee reached out to the Santa Clarita Coalition for assistance in achieving her goal of supporting the local community in this time of crisis.

“When I first thought of (Smile, SCV!), it was more of a fantasy,” said Lee. After connecting with Jeri Seratti-Goldman, board member of Santa Clarita Coalition, Lee was excited to find out that “this fantasy can turn into reality.”

Santa Clarita Coalition brings non-profit and charity organizers together so that they can coordinate efforts to support the community.

In the case of Smile, SCV!, the Coalition was able to introduce Lee to members of Santa Clarita Grocery and the Boys and Girls Club, both of which are currently adapting to the unique challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic.

For more information on how you can help the Santa Clarita Coalition in its efforts to support the Santa Clarita community, contact us to connect with our network of non-profit organizations or donate directly through our website.

Santa Clarita Coalition Directly Supports Local Charitable Efforts

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