Santa Clarita Coalition Brings Organizers Together In Times Of Crisis

by Santa Clarita Coalition
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The Santa Clarita Coalition brings together local charities and community organizers so they can work together to help the community.

By facilitating communication between member nonprofit organizations, Santa Clarita Coalition helps local charity and support organizations react swiftly and efficiently in times of crisis.

This swift rise to action is especially important in the face of natural and man-made disasters. In the event of a local crisis, the Santa Clarita Disaster Coalition, one branch of the Santa Clarita Coalition, is specifically designed to help offer relief in a timely manner.

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The Santa Clarita Disaster Coalition has previously leveraged their inter-community connections to assist victims of fires and floods, shooting victims in Las Vegas and at Saugus High and local businesses affected by coronavirus pandemic related closures.

Santa Clarita Disaster Coalition officials refer to their work as “supplemental humanitarian relief to people in our area who need help to rebuild their lives,” and call themselves “second responders” to local disasters.

Officials say these efforts are targeted at people who are “suffering loss due to a natural disaster, community-wide emergency, or other crisis situation in the Santa Clarita Valley, and, when appropriate, elsewhere in California and the United States.”

Outside of their disaster relief efforts, the Santa Clarita Coalition also supports the public throughout the year via their partnerships with local nonprofit organizations. One example is their partnership with Santa Clarita Grocery, a nonprofit seeking to end food insecurity in the Santa Clarita Valley.

For more information on how organizations can get involved with the Santa Clarita Coalition, or to find out what aid is available through their member network, contact the Santa Clarita Coalition directly online or by email at

Santa Clarita Coalition Brings Organizers Together In Times Of Crisis

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